Drake Played Steph Curry In The Sunken Place In A Hilarious ‘Get Out’ Skit At The NBA Awards Show

We probably shouldn’t be surprised at all that Drake has been a great host at the NBA Awards Show. He already killed the ESPYs a few years back and just like he did back then, Drizzy even put together an amazing and hilarious skit for the show to keep the audience entertained.

For the NBA Awards, Drake meshed a few worlds together as he stepped into the role of Steph Curry, and trembled his way through a skit that envisioned Steph and his wife Ayesha as the characters from the hit movie Get Out. Kylie Bunbury, star of Pitch and The Sitter played the role of Ayesha and put Steph into the sunken place as he was trying to go out and celebrate the Warriors 2017 NBA Championship.

Even when “Draymond Green” urging him on, Kylie as Ayesha was having none of it. Steph’s brother Seth made an appearance, also clearly in the sunken place and providing the biggest laugh of the skit. It was hilarious, and Drake flexing the acting muscles that used to earn him his paychecks before he became the world’s biggest rapper, even the actual Draymond let the 6 God know he enjoyed it afterwards, so surely his pals the Currys must have as well