Drake’s Latest Flex Involves Spilling The Secret Behind Public Restrooms

In a new post on his Instagram Story, Drake says he’s going to “use 2023 to tell my truths.” While that could almost certainly set fans rubbing their mitts for life lessons and financial advice that can launch them to the Toronto titan’s tax bracket, as it turns out, his observations may end up being a bit more mundane.

In the same post, he reveals one of those truths — which involves public restrooms. “I have seen more staff and private bathrooms than anybody ever,” he quasi-brags. “Whenever you are waiting in line to use the bathroom just know there’s an amazing clean private room that they refuse to show you.”

drake private restrooms

That… actually seems like pretty sound advice, actually. Why poop with the plebs when you could be using your bathroom breaks to really relax in comfort and privacy? This has been a running gag on a number of sitcoms, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Seinfeld, and Abbott Elementary, so maybe Drake’s onto something.

Drake, who is riding the high from his and 21 Savage’s surprise joint album Her Loss, certainly knows a thing or two about treating yo’self — and embracing the sillier side of life. He was recently seen sporting some pieces from his hero Pharrell’s old jewelry collection and ahead of the new year proved he didn’t mind the “sassy Drake” memes that spawned from his Her Loss ad-libs.