Drake Hilariously Roasts Nike, New Balance, And The Lakers While Hosting The Nike Maxim Awards Show

At this point, Drake has proven that he’s a capable and entertaining host, whether it’s during one of his multiple Saturday Night Live guest-hosting stints or that time he hosted the ESPYs in 2014. Yesterday, he took his talents to Nike. He visited the company’s Oregon campus yesterday (September 9) and it turns out part of the reason he was there was to host the Nike Maxim Awards Show.

He made it fun, too, by throwing some playful jabs at Nike while on stage. Commenting on the longevity of the brand, Drake quipped, “Nike is 50. Nike’s so old, it’s wearing New Balance.” After taking a sip of water, he continued, “Nike turning 50 means LeBron’s going to get you to try to play for the Lakers this year. This is the year where you’re going to walk into a restaurant and see Nike having red wine with Jared Dudley and Carmelo Anthony.”

Of course, he also said some more sincere things about the successful company and all it has achieved over the years.

While Drake was there to honor Nike, he has his own reasons to celebrate, like the fact that he’s the most-searched artist in Shazam history.

Check out clips of Drake’s hosting gig above and below.