Lil Nas X Continued His Quest To Take Over Twitter By Sharing A Perfect Elon Musk Deepfake Video

Lil Nas X really wants to run Twitter. Or, at least, it’s something he keeps nodding to and joking about. Back in 2019, he actually linked up with Jack Dorsey and “took over” as CEO for a day. Then, this past November, he just went ahead and appointed himself as CEO, writing, “as of today at 5:30pm est. i will be relieving Mr. Musk of all duties and taking position as ceo of Twitter HQ. only users who agree that i am cute, fun, and petite will be allowed to keep their accounts. effective immediately.”

Now, his campaign continues thanks to a terrific fan-made video.

On November 29, a Twitter user shared a video and wrote, “CEO of Twitter Elon Musk shares an important message.” The video is a deepfake-generated clip of Elon Musk reciting a modified version of Nas’ previous tweet: “As of today at 6:00 EST, I will be relieving myself of all duties and giving the CEO position of Twitter HQ to Lil Nas X. Only users who agree that he is cute, fun, and petite will be allowed to keep their accounts, effective immediately.”

Lil Nas X shared it and wrote, “omg is this real.”

No, it is not real, but all the musicians who have decided to leave Twitter probably wish it was.