Lil Nas X Takes Over As Twitter’s CEO For The Day

Getty Image

Life comes at you fast. The Twitter saying is often right, but it doesn’t always have to be bad. A year ago, Lil Nas X was, in his own words, “sleeping on my sisters floor, had no money, struggling to get plays on my music, suffering from daily headaches,” and getting suspended from Twitter for “tweetdecking” under his old account name. Now, he runs the platform — at least, temporarily, after taking over as Twitter’s CEO for the day.

The meme regent first hinted at the promotion a few days ago, tweeting: “I’m going to twitter headquarters and i will be replacing @jack (Dorsey) as the ceo for the day. everyone must nae nae or be at risk for account suspension!” While suspending accounts may have been a little outside the range of activities planned for his day, the above video does give a glimpse into what went down during his visit.

After Jack warns Lil Nas about the stress the position comes with, Jack tries to teach the rambunctious 21-year-old the ways of meditation. Naturally, Lil Nas takes the opportunity of Jack’s closed eyes to bust out his own nae-nae, hit the whoa, and ask the CEO how much he makes a year. While it may seem like Jack is joking that his annual salary is $1.40/year, as it turns out, it’s reportedly true. Undaunted, Lil Nas X accepts the gig and wreaks havoc, demanding the much-requested edit button, making paninis in the kitchen, and firing employees left and right.

It’s safe to say that Lil Nas had an eventful Friday afternoon, but since everything still appears to be in working order in Twitter Land and there’s still no edit button, it’s a fair bet that none of his dictates wound up being permanent. That’s too bad; we could still use that edit button.