Erykah Badu Goes ‘On & On’ With Her Concert Set While Attendees Fight In The Stands

A big lesson when it comes to attending concerts is that music lovers are prone to breaking out into violence, whether the performers are delivering the grittiest of raps or the most soothing soul ballads. Now, when fights occur on the floor area where there aren’t any seats and it is a battle for space, it makes sense to an extent. However, in the case of Erykah Badu’s most recent concert where a scuffle broke out in the stands, there are more questions as to how it could have got to that point.

In a Twitter clip posted today (July 8), Badu can be seen on stage taking a drink before asking the concertgoers if they are doing alright. Hilariously, the camera then pans to the stands where multiple women can be seen throwing blows and attempting to remove clothing while one even straddles her opponent as someone yells, “Oh my god!”

It definitely gives off two-on-one handicap match vibes a la WWE, but thankfully bystanders stepped in to break it up. All the while, the 51-year-old continues performing her classic record “Window Seat.” It is unclear whether Badu was aware of what was going on or not, but if any music can heal the vengeful spirits of said fighters, it is hers.

Check out the clip of the fight above.