Flatbush Zombies Bring An Undeniable Energy To Their Powerful Tiny Desk Concert

Back in June, Flatbush Zombies didn’t give much warning before returning with a new EP. Announcing their new era with cryptic social media posts, the group consisting of Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick the Architect released the 6-track EP Now, More Than Ever. Now, Flatbush Zombies gave a taste of their vibrant sound with an energetic NPR Tiny Desk concert.

Known for their stage antics, Flatbush Zombies still managed to make an at-home Tiny Desk performance interesting. Kicking off their set with their moving track “When I’m Gone,” the group picked up momentum with a rendition of “Palm Trees” and “Afterlife.”

The group opened their set seated on the ground but, of course, they couldn’t stay static for long. After introducing each member in their backup band with rowdy cheers thanks to Meechy Darko, Erick said: “I feel like that’s the energy we need. We gotta stand up now.” Erick grabbed a handheld camera to get close-and-personal for their last track, “Afterlife,” which was released just last week. “Got bored on ’em, got awards on ’em / Nowadays, they’re treatin’ music like tourism / What is pop, what is not? / What is different when you’re not,” Erick raps.

The Tiny Desk performance arrives shortly after the group shared an x-ray vision video to “Afterlife,” which had an unexpected collaborator. Flatbush Zombies linked up with James Blake to produce the song when the band discovered he was a big fan and met up with him in 2018.

Watch Flatbush Zombies’ NPR Tiny Desk concert above.

Now, More Than Ever is out now via Glorious Dead. Get it here.