This Live Interview With Animated Members Of Gorillaz Will Freak You Right The Hell Out

Contributing Writer

Two members of Gorillaz — the animated virtual band headed up by Damon Albarn — gave their first-ever live interview to a flesh-and-blood person this morning. And if the strangely realistic renderings of Gorillaz members that accompanied Humanz singles didn’t give you the heebie-jeebies, then this rendering of 2D and Murdoc across from BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam sure will.

The interview was streamed live via Telekom Electronic Beats YouTube channel. The company is notable in the Gorillaz’ universe for creating the augmented reality app The Lenz, which provides fans with content if they point their phone at the color magenta. In the interview, the freaky new CG-Gorillaz members answered questions submitted by fans prior to the “sit-down.”

The interview is the latest piece of an extensive roll-out that started all the way back before Inauguration Day with premiere of the song “Hallelujah Money” right here. Since then, the band has announced a tour, a personally curated festival complete with an all-hands performance of Humanz, a TV show and an experience that allows fans to enter into the home of this fictional band. That’s before we even get to the actual singles being released or the requisite interviews with the brains behind the project.

It’s exhausting, but never not entertaining, even if this latest step is a bit creepy.

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