Gunna Explains Why He Said ‘It’s Cool To Work A 9-5’

Despite being such a flashy rapper, Atlanta trap star Gunna seems to appreciate those of us who have regular jobs, too. Earlier this week, he drew some positive attention for tweeting “It’s cool to work a 9-5 no capp. Getting money is getting money.” That tweet garnered a ton of engagement (over 50,000 retweets and 323,000 likes to date) and on Wednesday, he expanded on the sentiment behind the tweet in a video on his Instagram Story.

Perusing a rack of clothing in the video, Gunna says, “Back to what I was saying, 9-5 is cool. I need these people. All these people that worked today, I needed these people here today. Like, it’s overly cool.”

Over the past few weeks, he’s been expressing a number of insightful opinions about the rap business, catching some off-guard with his sincerity and humility. In the latest episode of the LeBron James talk show, The Shop, he brushed off criticism of his single “Pushin P,” attributing accusations that he stole the slang to his critics coming from”player sh*t, too. That’s all that means. That’s what I took from it like bro, everybody been player. Your uncles, your aunties? They was player.”

He also observed that while so many artists have been sharing their discontent with their respective labels, he doesn’t see things the same way. “You shouldn’t say, ‘f*ck the label, ’cause they taking the chance on you,” he noted. “It’s up to you to really make this money back and go make more money. And for all the young artists who are coming up, I want to tell them, ‘Man, don’t look at it like it’s a bad deal. You’re not getting what you want in the beginning…it can always get better.”

Check out Gunna’s video above.

Gunna is a Warner Music artist. .