Gunna Approves Of His Pushin P Movement Catching On With Brands On Social Media

No one really knows what “Pushin P” means, but that hasn’t stopped the trend sparked by Gunna’s DS4EVER single (and his newfound habit of abusing the blue “P” emoji) from spreading like wildfire on Instagram and Twitter. Trend-conscious brand accounts are always on the lookout for memes to co-opt, from Drake’s Certified Lover Boy cover to the red flag emoji craze, so of course, everyone from IHOP to Nike is now “pushin P” on social media — and Gunna unsurprisingly approves, considering it all amounts to free promotion for his No. 1-selling album.

Referred to on Emojipedia as the P Button (its official Unicode title is “Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter P”), the emoji has taken over on Twitter. The International House of Pancakes tweeted, “We’re always pushing 🅿️ancakes,” while Nike’s account claimed, “We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details, we’re pushin 🅿️ all year.” Gunna was only too happy to big up IHOP’s tweet, declaring, “IHO🅿️ Pushin🅿️.” NBA teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, restaurants like WingStop, and even the freaking Teletubbies are dropping the P Button all over the timeline.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, one-woman brand Kim Kardashian got in on the fun, captioning a bikini photo, “Beach 🅿️arty.” Gunna reposted the photo to his Instagram Story, adding, “Capital 🅿️!!”

The one person adopting the slang that Gunna likely wouldn’t approve of is Freddie Gibbs, the Indiana rapper with whom Gunna has been feuding over snitching accusations. Gibbs has been sarcastically jacking the slang on his Instagram burner as a way to troll Gunna for a lackluster diss record on his new album. However, Gunna probably isn’t paying it too much mind in the wake of his monster first week (and likely second) — he’s way too busy, well, pushin P.