Gunna Plays Along With A Very Silly Joke In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo

Sometimes, SNL promos can be very silly. This occasionally works to their benefit, especially when one or more of the trio of stars making them gets to play the unassuming straight man. Usually, this is the musical guest and the effectiveness of the bit depends on how game they are. Some guests are super good at this, like they’re in on the joke, while some (coughcoughBadBunnycoughcough) aren’t great. Shockingly, this week’s musical guest, Gunna, falls into the former category, mostly by pretending he’s going to land in the latter one ’til the last second.

Of course, guest host Jerrod Carmichael does the necessary setup, introducing Gunna, and hands it off the Heidi Gardner, who lights the fuse. “Guys, let’s a promise right now that we’re all gonna bring our A-game this week,” she says, somehow keeping a straight face. “Jerrod gonna,” Jerrod replies. Heidi maintains that straight face, even though we all know what’s coming: “You know Heidi gonna.” Both expectantly side-eye the stone-faced rapper, who looks for all the world like he resolutely refuses to make the joke.

… A loooong pause…

“Gunna gonna.”

You know, as hard as I tried not to, I laughed. Good for Gunna. Good for Heidi. Good for Jerrod. Great for all of us. A job well done.

Watch the SNL promo above and check out Gunna as the musical guest on Saturday night.