How To Get A Spotify Subscription For Audiobooks Only

Music lovers rush to X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram each year to share their Wrapped results with friends (sorry, not sorry, Apple Music). That data-driven badge of honor lets their friends and family know which albums, songs, and genres they were obsessed with on Spotify. But the streaming giant could be looking to do the same for audiobook enthusiasts.

Spotify has announced a new subscription plan solely for audiobooks. Continue below for details about the new plan.

How To Get A Spotify Subscription For Audiobooks Only

In October 2023, the platform rolled out audiobooks at no additional cost to its Spotify premium subscribers. Now, for those unwilling or uninterested in the music side of the app, Spotify offers an “audiobooks only” option starting at $9.99. To sign up, users must visit the mobile application or web version here, then select the “Audiobooks Access” plan. However, it is important to note the limits of the plan. Read the restriction as listed on Spotify’s website:

“With the Audiobooks Access plan, you now get 15 hours of audiobook listening time every month from our audiobooks subscriber catalog. Unused listening hours expire at the end of each month and do not carry over. Your music listening experience will be on our free, ad-supported service. If you’re an existing Premium subscriber or a Premium plan member, you’ll need to cancel your current plan first before joining Audiobooks Access.”

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