IDK And Kaytranada’s ‘Breathe’ Video Gives Some Strong ‘E.T.’ Vibes

The first thing that pops into mind watching the video for “Breathe” from IDK‘s newly released, Kaytranad-produced album Simple is E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Just as the title character’s telekinetic abilities make for the breathtaking visual of a band of bicycles soaring across the sky in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic, IDK sends a fleet of cyclists skyward in his own music video.

Shot in Paris, the video makes a point of showing the sense of freedom one can find even in the midst of doing something as mundane as delivering food. The cyclists in the video also find liberation in their sense of camaraderie with one another as they team up to cruise through one of the city’s tunnels, one of them presumably blasting the laid-back track via speakers attached to their saddle.

The song itself is a marked departure from some of IDK’s older, more aggressive material — and even the cooler grooves offered by his EDM pioneer collaborator. Rather than rapping, IDK sings the airy vocals, offering the reassuring advice to just breathe through it all. While other songs from the album, like “Taco” and “Dog Food,” blended his harder-edged sensibilities with the groovier production of Kaytranada, this song sees IDK truly branching out and showing his full range.

Watch IDK and Kaytranada’s “Breathe” video above.

Simple is out now on Clue with Warner Records. Get it here.

IDK is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.