Jay Electronica Keeps The New Music Coming With ‘Ruff Sketches,’ A Leftover From ‘A Written Testimony’

Earlier this month, Jay Electronica’s long-awaited Act II: Patents Of Nobility leaked online thanks to some hackers who reportedly paid $9,000 to get their hands on the new album and leak it. After initially wanting to get the album removed from the internet, Electronica opted to release Act II on TIDAL. The album dates back to 2007 after the Roc Nation rapper revealed that fans should expect Act II and Act III follow-ups to his to his 2007 debut mixtape, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge). Despite mentioning numerous release dates for Act II over the years, the project failed to arrive and left fans to believe it was shelved prior to its October 5 release.

Keeping the new music coming, though, Electronica opted to share another track on Saturday via Instagram, one that he says is a leftover track from his A Written Testimony album with Jay Z. Electronica first premiered the track, which is titled “Ruff Sketches,” in a Discord chat for a small group of fans who then pushed him to release the song to the masses. “After sharing this on our discord server, the good ppl over there decided i should share it period,” he said in the Instagram caption.

The song adds to what’s been an unusually active year for Electronica, one that began with his return to the music world thanks to A Written Testimony. He also appeared in the video for Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book track, “How Great.” The visual was released nearly three years after Chance delivered Coloring Book.

You can hear the track in the Instagram post above.