Chance The Rapper Brings Back His ‘How Great’ Video After A Long Absence From The Internet

With the spread of coronavirus keeping us all more-or-less indoors and glued to our phones, everyone is trying to find innovative ways to keep themselves occupied. Fortunately, those we turn to to entertain us in normal times are still finding ways to do so in these extraordinary ones as well — including Chance The Rapper, who used Instagram’s IGTV to return a beloved artifact to the internet’s archive of distractions after a long period of absence.

Back when Coloring Book-mania was at its peak, Chance shared the mobile-only video for his Jay Elecronica-featuring song from the album, “How Great.” Filmed on an iPhone during a stripped-down performance of the song by Chance, Jay, Chance’s cousin Nicole, Francis And The Lights, and the Social Experiment, the video actually appears sideways on most devices, which made watching it on a phone a must, for the rotated landscape display. Unfortunately, the (official) video disappeared from YouTube, making it difficult for fans who didn’t have it downloaded to enjoy.

However, with Jay Electronica’s debut album, A Written Testimony, taking over the hip-hop discussion in the past weeks, Chance seemingly found it the best time to once again post the video — this time on his own social media.

Watch the “How Great” video above.