Jennifer Lopez Actually Cut Jane Fonda’s Face During ‘Monster-In-Law’ Slap Scene: ‘She’s Never Apologized’

Ben Affleck may get a lot of flack for his grumpy face, but according to Jane Fonda, it’s Jennifer Lopez that the public should be worried about. During the legendary actress’ appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show alongside her 80 For Brady co-star Lily Tomlin, she dished about her time working with the singer on the 2005 film Monster-In-Law.

As host Barrymore asked the pair about their memories of some of their most beloved characters when Fonda was asked about Monster-In-Law, of course, the infamous slap scene took center stage. “The thing that comes to mind right away is we have a slapping scene – I slap her, she slaps me,” said Fonda.

But as Fonda continued, things got a bit more interesting, “Well, Jennifer, as per Jennifer, she had this enormous diamond ring, and so when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye – my eyebrow,” and as the in-studio audience gasped she added, “And, she’s never apologized.”

TikToker users may add this story to their ongoing list of reasons not to like the star, but clearly, the interaction didn’t leave the pair with any bad blood. Especially given the fact that Fonda attended and was named by Lopez as one of her role models during her speech as she unveiled her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013.

Watch the full clip from The Drew Barrymore Show above.