Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl Commerical With Husband Ben Affleck Proves She’s Still Jenny From The Block

Move over, Cardi B and Offset. You two aren’t the only beloved entertainment couple putting their love for one another, along with their love of fast food, on full display during Super Bowl LVII. Instead of a burger and fries at McDonald’s, Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Ben Affleck, lent their famous faces to the coffee company Dunkin’ Donuts.

Affleck is a notorious lover of the chain, having been spotted at several locations across the country. But during the commercial, he switches places. Rather than his usual role of customer, he is now a worker surprising drive-thru patrons… and the last of which is his singer and fellow actress wife, Jennifer Lopez.

The franchise quickly posted the commercial after airing during the Super Bowl onto their official Twitter page with the caption, “They say go big or go home, so Ben went big and came home to Massachusetts.” Lopez wasted no time in quote tweeting with her sole line from the commercial, “#GrabMeAGlazed.”

Lopez has sung all about her need to remain humble despite her fame. Whether she’s singing about how her love doesn’t cost a thing or how she’s still just “Jenny from the block,” she has proved it in this funny commercial.

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