Jhene Aiko And Big Sean’s Idyllic ‘None Of Your Concern’ Video Is Relationship Therapy

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean may no longer be an item, but it seems that the former lovers’ musical chemistry is still very much intact. Both apparently have plenty to get off their respective chests in the video for “None Of Your Concern” from Jhene’s upcoming third studio album, venting about the dissolution of a relationship that had more cracks under the surface than it may have seemed from a distance.

Over a typically low-key, airy backing track, Jhene laments that, “I can feel you fading / We’re not gonna make it / Guess you cannot take it / Guess it’s worth saying / It’s none of your concern anymore.” Throughout the first half of the song, the LA-born singer wanders a cabin set in a verdant rainforest on a tropical island, gazing contemplatively into the distance while she takes a bath, feeds some cats, and burns palo santo to get that energy right.

It seems like the song is pretty much over when Big Sean snaps onto the track with his own rejoinders, telling his side of the story with a singsong flow while he visits a chapel and strolls on a volcanic beach. Sean insists that “cheating on you would be cheating myself” and asks how the object of his affection could replace him.

Aiko’s third album is due “sooner rather than later,” according to an interview she gave to Revolt TV in August.