Jhene Aiko Returns With A Tender Breakup Ballad, ‘Wasted Love Freestyle’

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Jhene Aiko had a quiet 2018, riding out the promotion of her 2017 album, Trip, with a short film and music videos for singles from the album like “Sativa” with Rae Sremmurd — which she also performed with the duo on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show — and “Never Call Me” featuring Kurupt. It looks like she’s finally ready to break her silence with new music, however, beginning with a tender breakup ballad titled “Wasted Love Freestyle,” released directly to her Soundcloud. If it turns out “Wasted Love Freestyle” is indeed the beginning of a new album cycle from the elusive singer it’s a perfect table setter and it wouldn’t be too soon in coming. Check it out below.

The Los Angeles-born “B’s + H’s” singer has laid so low this year that the most media attention she’s stirred up was for her response to rumors of a breakup with beau Big Sean that surfaced in March, which she categorically denied. And while her new song is sure to spark more speculation, she insisted as recently as November that she and Mr. Anderson are doing just fine. The “Wasted Love” her song refers to could be any number of subjects — heartbreak has been a consistent theme of her music since the outset, so fans of the musical pairing shouldn’t lose hope for a sequel to their collaborative album, Twenty88, just yet.