Juvenile’s Rollout For His NPR Tiny Desk Concert Was WWE-Level Great, And Fans Are Loving It

According to Juvenile’s latest post on social media, online bullying might have a few benefits. After a day of tweets from fans being him to make an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, the “Back That Azz Up” rapper has finally agreed. But others are calling cap, saying that he had no intention of turning the offer down, making the rollout WWE-level great. Or more like Juvie The Great level fun.

Seemingly inspired by Trina’s recent appearance on the series, one fan tweeted the “Slow Motion” rapper asking, “Can we please get a Juvenile Tiny Desk,” tagging NPR and the entertainer in the post. The Louisiana native didn’t hold back in his response, writing, “Wtf is a tiny desk 😂 and no 😂😂.”

He continued to upload an NPR original show filled stipulation, “Ok ok 😂😂 All Things Considered, 10k retweets, and I will reconsider doing
@NPR Tiny Desk while drinking an ice cold #JuvieJuice from@UrbanSouthBeer!!!”

A day later, the original Cash Money representer returned to the platform to share that he had indeed changed his mind. “The people have spoken! 10k! And @NPR locked it in,” adding, “I appreciate the love, and I’m gonna put on a one-of-a-kind show for y’all on #TinyDesk,” wrote the rapper.

No further information is available as to when fans should expect the performance but we do know it will be one to remember.