Kanye West Reportedly Got Married To A Yeezy Architectural Designer

Well, it appears that after his and Kim Kardashian’s divorce, Kanye West is once again a married man: TMZ reports that according to “sources connected to the couple,” he and a woman named Bianca Censori recently had a “secret wedding.”

The two apparently had a wedding ceremony but have yet to file a marriage certificate, which would mean the two are not yet legally married. Still, though, earlier this week, Ye and Censori were seen at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills and West was wearing a wedding ring.

Censori’s LinkedIn page lists her as “Head of Architecture at YEEZY” and notes she’s worked as an “Architectural Designer” at Yeezy since November 2020. It also indicates she earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University Of Melbourne in 2017 before getting her Master of Architecture degree from the same school in 2020. In 2013, founded a jewellery company called Nylons Jewellery.

Last month, West shared a song that wasn’t given an official title but has been referred to as “Censori Overload” due to the message Ye shared alongside it: “Censori overload. The variable epitope library from the antigen promotes an immune response in the body.” On the track, he raps, “The Bible said I can’t have anymore sex ’til marriage.”