Viewers Were Stunned By Kanye West’s Pitch-Perfect ‘Cameo’ In ‘Glass Onion’

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery finally hit Netflix this weekend and by most accounts, it lives up to the hype. While it had its detractors (namely Ben Shapiro, who might have seen a bit of himself in its ludicrous representatives of the shallow moneyed class), most of the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive — even if lots of attention has been lavished on one of its stars’ head wrinkles. As a satire of so-called disruptors, it’s spot-on, right down to the “cameo” appearance of one of the bigger self-righteous buffoons in pop culture today: Kanye West.

Kanye doesn’t actually appear in the film; rather, his likeness is captured in a mural on the wall of billionaire tech genius Miles Bron’s island home — the titular Glass Onion. It’s just a pitch-perfect detail that this pompous, self-important dork would admire Kanye so much that he’d get a painting of him on his wall. Of course, he would. Before Kanye’s recent spate of hateful behavior, you could imagine all kinds of these clueless capitalists boasting about their associations with Ye. Hell, even now, it seems like a significant portion of them are still okay with giving him a platform.

Now, the film was shot last year, well before Kanye finally fulfilled the prediction that Zack Fox made in 2018, but it probably plays even better and more on the nose now. Just check out viewers’ reactions as they realized that yes, this Elon Musk stand-in (although director Rian Johnson denies it) is just so proud of his Kanye mural. Hey, remember when Elon let Kanye back on Twitter (along with Donald Trump and a bunch of other vaguely Nazi-ish characters)? Janelle Monae’s character has the right idea.