Kanye West ‘Absolutely’ Plans To Run For President Again After His Failed 2020 Campaign

Back in 2020, Kanye West ran for president. That did not go well — he suspects the ill-fated run may have cost him his marriage to Kim Kardashian — and shortly after announcing his candidacy, he reckoned he might try again in 2024 instead. Now, Ye has revisited that topic in a new Good Morning America interview this morning (September 22). (The full conversation is set to air later today on ABC News Live and Nightline.)

During the conversation, he said he “absolutely” plans to take another stab at running for president, although he didn’t specify when that will happen. As for why his previous campaign didn’t work out how he had hoped, West said, “That time wasn’t in God’s time.”

Speaking of religion, Ye also called himself a “radical” for wanting to promote “the idea of family, the idea of God, the idea of protecting your children’s innocence for as long as possible.” He continued:

“When you remove the love and fear of God, you open up the love and fear of everything else. And it’s easier to have sheep when people don’t have God. It’s easier to control the people if people are not controlled by God. Because then they can be controlled by how many likes they have or whatever’s happening on their TikTok or how much money or the perception that people have. But we only have one audience here and that audience is God. And He’s watching us at all times. He’s got my back.”

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