Kanye West Suggests He May End His 2020 Presidential Run But Try Again In 2024 Instead

Kanye West was active on Twitter last night, and the main takeaway from his series of posts was his talk about wanting to get divorced from Kim Kardashian. That wasn’t the only newsworthy tweet Kanye shared last night, though: In one post, he suggested he might not continue his 2020 presidential campaign.

Kanye shared a photo of a handwritten tracklist for his upcoming album and suggested that he might instead run for president in 2024, writing, “#2020VISION of maybe ’24. I guess all black people supposed to vote on Biden? Y’all want me to run or nah???”


Kanye’s campaign certainly hasn’t been a runaway success. After hosting a rally in South Carolina, Kanye did not manage to get on the state’s ballot. A poll also recently suggested that not a lot of voters would check the box next to Kanye’s name come November.

If Kanye decides to end his presidential bid, he will still have plenty to do to keep himself busy in the coming months and years. He recently signed a deal to enter a huge 10-year partnership with Gap, he and Kid Cudi have an animated show on the way, and he’s working on a new album that he says will be out this week