Kanye West Says He Wants The Best For ‘Fake Ass’ Taylor Swift

Being a famous pop star seems terrible.

You can release six great-to-classic albums and still be in debt, and get shaded at the Grammys, and you’re angry all the time, and everyone makes fun of you. Plus, when you go to airports, the paparazzi screams questions at you, hoping you’ll slip and say something about how the Illuminati, led by Taylor Swift and Amber Rose, is planning to take over the world.

Kanye West — who, to be fair, deserves much of the scorn that’s thrown his way — didn’t say anything that shocking when recently confronted by the press, but he was in a walk-and-talkative mood. After refusing to answer previous questions about “fake ass” T-Swift, West said that he wants “the best for that person.” He then tried to change the conversation, sort of.

“But it’s people going through real issues out here. It’s people that’s out of work. It’s people that’s in debt that can’t make it out of the debt. There’s people in debt that don’t have a shoe. There’s people that’s in debt that don’t have a hit album out also. The media tries to make this ongoing story and everything for hits. I don’t think people care about me or her in that way. People care about they families, they kids. If you like my music listen to it. If you like her music, listen to it.” (Via XXL Mag)

That’s the wisest thing Kanye’s ever said. Until a few seconds later in the video, when he comments that “we should make some dog Yeezys.” Stop messing around with The Life of Pablo, Kanye — make those dog shoes!

(Via XXL Mag)

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