Audio Of Kanye West’s ‘SNL’ Meltdown Has Been Leaked

Kanye West has been making a lot of news recently. When it comes to music, it’s been good. When it comes to anything else, not so much. West made news recently based on rumors he almost walked off of Saturday Night Live before performing last Saturday. They were able to talk him into performing, but West is a dog whistle on the internet, and it was inevitable that, eventually, the audio from this “meltdown” would be released into the world. After all, if a recording of a Casey Kasem meltdown can become iconic, Kanye didn’t have any chance of missing out on ignominy.

Page Six has obtained and released the clip of West’s blowup. Considering that he was in a television studio with people at the time, it should come as no surprise to him that people were going to hear this, and it’s not like Kanye is a shrinking violet. It was, by and large, a greatest hits compilation for West. He threw shade at his arch enemy Taylor Swift, he told NBC staff not to f*ck with him, and he proclaimed that he was a bigger influence than any other human being “dead or alive.”

Considering his history, not much Kanye West says can be truly surprising anymore, with all his various internet blowups and so forth. And this is nothing that we haven’t heard from Kanye before. However, if you were curious about what Kanye said before almost walking out on Saturday Night Live, now you can know.

(Via Complex)

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