Kid Cudi May Take A Step Back From Music To Focus On ‘Developing My Own Things’

Kid Cudi has a lot on his plate, from the forthcoming release of his album Entergalactic to his animated Netflix series and film X. So it made sense when, in a new interview, he opened up about planning to take a step back from his music as Kid Cudi to work on other material.

“I think I’m going to take a step back from the Kid Cudi stuff and focus a lot more on developing my own things,” he told Popsugar. “Writing — whether it’s movies or TV shows — producing things, putting stuff together. Just really getting my production company [Mad Solar] up to a place where, in the next three or four years, we’re a household name. I really have goals. We’re off to a great start with the documentary, X, Pearl, and now, Entergalactic. I mean, we have four bangers so far, so I just want to see what else we can do and keep going.”

He clarified, “I guess this is the producer Cud era; the writer Cud era. I’ve been a writer for all these years with the music, a storyteller in a lot of ways, but this is just different.” He continued, “I want to keep doing the same thing I’m doing with the music — where I’m inspiring kids and making them not feel alone, not feel so f*cking crazy when they’re dealing with their sh*t. It’s the same thing, just done in a different format.”