Killer Mike Will Conduct Some Wild Social Experiments In His Upcoming Netflix Show ‘Trigger Warning’

From launching a Crip cola to only buying Black for a week, Killer Mike‘s upcoming Netflix show, ‘Trigger Warning With Killer Mike,’ is set to spark controversy — and deeper thinking about a myriad of complex problems plaguing American society. Last year, Mike and Netflix turned some heads with a provocative teaser and now, the show’s official trailer goes in-depth to preview the intriguing social experiments it has in store.

“I’m trying to introduce people to new thoughts and concepts,” Mike explains in the trailer. In order to do so, he’s going to embark on a series of thought-provoking interviews and projects looking for answers to some of Black America’s problems, which affect the greater culture to an immeasurable extent. In one episode, it seems he’ll spend three days trying to determine if only supporting Black-owned businesses is feasible (including one amusing vignette where he turns down a lap dance because the stripper seems to be of Asian descent), while in another he laments that, “I can buy a Hell’s Angels T-shirt” and wonders, “Why can’t the Crips have a soda?”

He also ponders creating “educational pornography” and checks a first grader’s white privilege, so the show is sure to cause some backlash with just the trailer, let alone the actual episodes, but if anyone is up to the challenge of tackling tough subjects, it’s the fearless and outspoken Run The Jewels rapper who always advocates for the rights of his people and questions authority.

Trigger Warning With Killer Mike launches January 18 on Netflix.