Killer Mike Visits Strip Clubs And The Crips In The Trailer To His New Netflix Show, ‘Trigger Warning’

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Killer Mike is well-known for being provocative, incisive, and sometimes incendiary with his opinions, actions, and advocacy, but his latest endeavor is likely to provoke folks on an even wider scale than even social media provides. Thanks to Netflix, Killer Mike is taking over screens with his new show, Trigger Warning. He posted the trailer to his Twitter, which you can watch below, with the caption, “I can’t believe they let us make this show.”

His disbelief is understandable. Over the course of the trailer, Mike contemplates “only buying Black” by turning down a lap dance from an Asian stripper, envisions Crip-A-Cola as an analogue to a Hell’s Angles T-shirt, and rejects the concept of a “white” Jesus to a pastor’s face. From the looks of things, Trigger Warning will be a wild, subversive ride through some of America’s hottest hot-button topics today. The show hits Netflix on January 19.

Some of Mike’s other controversial actions of late included debating journalist Joy Ann Reid in response to the NRA video he made to support Black gun ownership, making anti-Confederate flag merchandise available to purchase, and advocating for the punching of “alt-right” white nationalists. Then there’s his combustible work with El-P on Run The Jewels, their group project which finds the two tackling sensitive subjects with trademark blunt abrasiveness over cannon blast beats. Their fourth album is due in 2019.