Latto’s Coachella Set Included Appearances From Lola Brooke And Saweetie, Along With A Possible Nicki Minaj Diss

Latto‘s first-ever Coachella set was an eventful one, as she pulled out all the stops, packing in surprise guests, and even apparently getting in a shot at Nicki Minaj.

Saweetie originally appeared on Latto’s 2019 remix of “Bitch From Da Souf” from Latto’s debut album Queen of Da Souf. Saweetie performed her verse from the song, receiving a huge pop from the crowd when she appeared. She also made it a point to big-up Latto after performing, saying, “She can rap her ass off… Bitch, and you look better than me!”

Meanwhile, Latto used her platform to help out a couple of rap’s rising stars, Lola Brooke and TiaCorine, bringing out the former to perform her signature hit “Don’t Play With It” (Latto appears on the remix) and the latter for a performance of the “FreakyT” remix.

Of course, the attention-getting moment was when Latto performed a new song in which she says the line “she thought I would kiss her ass, she must ain’t took her meds.” Fans have interpreted this as a shot at Minaj, with whom Latto has shared a contentious relationship ever since Nicki denigrated her achievements on Queen radio, leading to a spat on Twitter and a continuing cold war between the two.

We’ll see if Nicki sees it the same way and responds. For now, check out the clips above.