Lil Nas X Shared A Bunch Of Details About His Next Album (Like When It’s Coming Out) In An Impromptu Twitter Q&A

It’s been a year and change since Lil Nas X dropped his debut album, Montero, in late 2021. As for how his sophomore effort is coming along, the rapper decided to open up about that on Twitter today (February 20), answering his followers’ questions about the upcoming project.

A fan asked when the rapper’s next album is coming and he responded, “most likely summer.” Somebody else wondered if the album has any features and Nas was more coy there, replying, “ooooooh.” Another Twitter user asked, “how many tracks confirmed,” and he responded, “idk i love so many songs plus i’m still in the studio making music so it’s gone be hard to pick.”

In response to another tweet, he explained, “it’s mostly planning now. i could easily just release music but i have to build moments around this sh*t. i have to go bigger than before!” Someone asked if he plans to drop a new single soon and he replied, “is tour soon?”

Elsewhere, when it comes to “sad songs,” Nas noted, “i didn’t make many of those i been too happy lately.” He also confirmed that his leaked song “Down Souf Hoes” is currently still set to be on the upcoming album.