Lil Yachty Believes Drake Was ‘Deemed A Loser’ In The Kendrick Lamar Beef Before It Even Began

The beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar appears to have died down, as neither artist has released a diss track in a little while now. So, now that we’re at what looks like the end, Lil Yachty is taking a look back at the situation. He believes that from the very start, many people had already decided that Lamar was the winner.

On a new episode of the A Safe Place podcast, Yachty said:

“Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started, because people don’t like him, and haven’t, and he’s won for a very long time. And he’s sat at the top of the throne… honestly, respectfully, I think he still sits on top of the throne. I think that even if opinionated masses would say that Kendrick won, I don’t think that people are going to stop listening to Drake and Drake’s career is going to flush, you know?”

He added, “I said to Drake, I told him, ‘I don’t feel like you won or lost.’ Rappers have lost and then lost everything. […] I think Drake will still be in everyone’s rap Spotify at the end of the year at the top. He can still drop hits and it will still control the summer. I think that Kendrick made very smart moves, and I don’t think Drake would disagree.”

Check out the full episode here.