Marshmello And Brent Faiyaz Go On A Spooky Excursion Through The Woods In Their ‘Fell In Love’ Video

Marshmello and Brent Faiyaz have teamed up for a new heartbreak anthem — only this time, Faiyaz is doing the heartbreaking. Over a simple, rolling, percussive beat produced by Marshmello, Faiyaz reminds someone of his intentions and insists that it wasn’t his fault that she got her heartbroken.

“You ain’t fall in love with me / You fell in love with the man I could be / You ain’t fall in love with me / You fell in love with your vision of me,” sings Faiyaz on the song’s chorus.

Elsewhere in the song, Faiyaz notes that while he considers himself a kind person, he isn’t responsible for the way anyone else feels.

“I can ease your mind if you goin’ through somethin’ / That don’t mean I can cure depression / I free my night if you wanna do somethin’ / But I’m takin’ your direction,” he sings.

In the song’s accompanying visual, Faiyaz is seen going on a drive in the woods with a young woman. They park the car and hang out in the woods for a bit, and while he is protective of the woman, he reminds her not to get her hopes up, in terms of romance.

You can see the “Fell In Love” video above.