Megan Thee Stallion Is Campaigning To Be In A ‘Stranger Things’ Episode

Stranger Things fan Megan Thee Stallion celebrated Stranger Things Day on November 6 by endearingly reacting to stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp being fans of hers. We know, it reads like an Inception plot, but just watch.

Last Sunday, November 6, Netflix quizzed Meg on which song Schnapp said would save him from Vecna. She threw her hands up, and said, “What? It would be funny if he said ‘WAP,’ but it would be on brand if he said ‘Savage.’ Once it was revealed that Schnapp tweeted in May, “If I ever get cursed by Vecna just play ‘WAP‘ on my Airpods and I’ll be out of that trance in no time,” Meg couldn’t contain her laughter. “Yes, another instance that ‘WAP’ saves the day. Love that for us. Y’all need to put me and Cardi in the show at this point.”

Meg’s campaigning to be in Stranger Things didn’t stop there. Netflix tweeted out a split-screen clip on Friday (November 11) showing Brown’s real-time reaction to learning Megan Thee Stallion is a Stranger Things super fan — and Meg’s reaction to Brown’s reaction. “I am dead right now,” Brown said. “It’s like, god, I don’t know what to say. I’m sweating! There’s boob sweat!”

When asked by a producer what she’d like to say to the multiplatinum Houston rapper, Brown couldn’t find any words and couldn’t believe that Hot Girl Meg knew she existed. “Millie, girl, I love you,” Meg said in her portion of the video. “I can’t believe that you love me. Like, when I be watching the show, I be like, ‘Yeah, Eleven! Get it!’ My mind is blown. I literally love Stranger Things. I love you in Stranger Things. I wanna be in Stranger Things because you are in Stranger Things. At this point, just tag me in the show. Or make me Eleven’s best friend. I’ll be Twelve.”

Stranger Things Day also ushered in the news that the fifth and final season premiere episode is titled “Chapter One: The Crawl.” See more Stranger Things content from the day below.

Megan Thee Stallion is a Warner Music artist. .