Miguel’s Trippy ‘So I Lie’ Video Reveals A Big Surprise For His Fans

After a nearly four-year hiatus, Miguel returned to the spotlight a few weeks ago, releasing the first three volumes of his Art Dealer Chic EP series on DSPs along with a new song, “Funeral.” Then, on New Music Friday this week, he followed up with Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 4 and the video for “So I Lie.” Some fans believe he reveals that he’s about to be a father through a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from a very pregnant-seeming woman who looks a lot like his wife Nazanin. If so, it’d be a surprise to fans who follow the couple on social media, where they’ve given no hint of such a life change taking place.

Of course, the deception of social media fits with the theme of “So I Lie,” in which Miguel reflects on the fickle nature of fame. “Laugh and the world will laugh, too,” he mulls. “Cry and the world laughs at you, girl / So I lie to myself / Let’s be real, I’m afraid of how I feel / So I lie to the world.”

Appearing on Apple Music’s R&B Now Radio to talk about the new EP, Miguel told host Nadeska, “I want to make stadium R&B… I want to make big, ‘We Will Rock You’ R&B songs.”

Watch Miguel’s “So I Lie” video above.

Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4 is out now. Get it here.