Nicki Minaj’s Surprise Return To Rolling Loud Was Riddled With Tech Issues: ‘Kill The DJ, Kill The Sound Guy’

On Sunday, March 4, Nicki Minaj made her return to Rolling Loud as the lone special guest for her longtime friend and mentor Lil Wayne’s headlining set.

Last year, the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper made history as the festival’s first woman headliner at the New York installment. Fast forward to yesterday, a day after the release of her new single, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” the Queens native wanted to celebrate with a mixed melody performance of her classic and newer hints. Unfortunately it didn’t go over as planned.

As Minaj began to get heated up after being introduced by Wayne, the individual responsible for the event audio struggled to deliver her outlined setlist in the order she had provided. While she attempted to remain calm on stage, she eventually grew frustrated. Lil Wayne tried to brush over the technical hiccups by dancing along to the song playing on stage (Minaj’s “Chun-Li” and Wayne’s “Truffle Butter” featuring Minaj).

However, after repeatedly cueing the parties responsible for the audio to which song should be played, she said, “Kill the DJ. Kill the sound guy.”

One user on Twitter claiming to have inside knowledge wrote, “I was there. I actually don’t think it was on the DJ. It sounded like someone from the sound team was cueing the music, at least for her set. He had zero issues during Wayne’s set, and peep how it sounds as if they’re skipping thru songs on an iPad vs. how DJs drop them in.”

Nicki Minaj hasn’t addressed the matter any further.