Nicki Minaj Releases A Ferocious ‘Roman Remix’ Of Her New Single, ‘Super Freaky Girl’

Nicki Minaj fans haven’t heard from her Roman Zolanski alter ego in a while, but every so often the character pops back up. Most recently Nicki dusts off the Roman flow for an extended “Roman Remix” of her new single, “Super Freaky Girl.” While the Rick James-sampling beat remains the same and she uses the same pre-chorus, she restructures the song to add a third rapid-fire verse that sees her continue the spelling exercise from the hook and boast about her career longevity. “Don’t nobody wanna hear that weak sh*t, ho,” she crows. “In the game, fifteen, ain’t peak yet, ho.”

It’s an especially timely assertion, considering she’s soon to be honored with a Video Vanguard Award at the upcoming 2022 MTV VMAs. Her Barbie-pink colorful aesthetic and imaginative videos have proven to be inescapably influential on the modern generation of rap girls, so it’s fitting that she should receive the award, which was most recently awarded to Missy Elliott. However, that iconic pink look has also caused trouble for one of her brand partners; Mattel is suing Rap Snacks over its Nicki-themed “Barbie-Cue” flavor.

She’s also putting together a performance of fan-favorite hits — likely to also include “Super Freaky Girl” — and presumably has a new album on the way. Even without the album, she’s got plenty of irons in the fire; a docuseries about her life and career, Nicki, has a yet-to-be-announced release month pinned down, and she’s once again recording her Queen Radio podcast.