Nicki Minaj Pokes Her Head Out Of Retirement To Tease A New Track Called ‘Yikes’

It looks like Nicki Minaj’s “retirement” is proving to be short-lived after all, as Mrs. Petty teased a new song on her Twitter Monday night, offering fans a glimpse of her latest look and a preview of what appears to be an upcoming release called “Yikes.” The video below shows Nicki shooting a selfie style video at what appears to be a nightclub, with a “Nicki” neon light behind her and her husband Kenneth at her side.

As Nicki snarls bars like “You a clown, you do it for likes, yikes” into the camera, it seems she can’t sit still, with the heavy bass from the beat inspiring some seated dancing and shaky camera work. The snippet and its hashtag trended on Twitter but many of the jokes were directed at one line in particular in which Nicki references a certain civil rights icon — on her birthday, no less. “All you bitches Rosa Parks,” she raps. “Oh oh, get your ass up.” While some of the responses seemed to take offense, others simply looked at it as another example of Nicki’s name-dropping wordplay.

Meanwhile, it appears that Nicki Minaj isn’t quite ready to leave the rap game behind, anymore than her biggest fans — both listeners and peers — were ready to see her leave it.