Pardison Fontaine Seemingly Shares A Valentine’s Day Picture With Megan Thee Stallion Amid Breakup Rumors

It appears that we can finally put rumors of Megan Thee Stallion‘s and Pardison Fontaine‘s breakup to rest. Today (February 14), Pardi shared a picture of two hands on Instagram, one appearing to belong to him and one appearing to belong to Meg, taking heart-shaped shots on his story.

megan pardi
Via Instagram

Last week, rumors began circulating that the two had broken up after fans noticed the two unfollowed each other on social media.

Though neither of the two issued any comment regarding a rumored break-up, Pardi seemingly responded to the rumors, joking that he got “da boot,” while modeling those viral red MSCHF boots on the ‘gram.

Though neither party’s face can be seen in the story posted today, several of Meg’s fans are convinced that the hand pictured is hers, as they recognized her fabulous nails.

“Pardi posted Meg’s nail,” said one fan, “so maybe Tmrw we might get to finally see her and see some bday drip.”

Megan hasn’t shared any new music, guested on anyone’s songs, or made any public appearances in months. She also hasn’t posted to social media during that time.

So, as one could expect, fans were excited to get some sort of sign that Megan appears to be happy and well.

“Pardi posted Meg’s hand and that’s all I need from her until she’s ready,” said another fan. “Just glad to know my bby is alive.”

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