New Rappers Weigh In On The Chopped-And-Screwed Movement Watching Paul Wall’s ‘Sittin’ Sidewayz’

In 2005, the world was introduced to a new sound in hip-hop music, one that was strange but somehow undeniable. That sound has come to be known as “chopped-and-screwed,” as it was pioneered by Houston DJ Screw and came to eventually define the regional Texas sound before taking over the mainstream. The song that brought this once underground style to widespread awareness — or at least helped a whole bunch, along with Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin” — was “Sittin’ Sidewayz,” the debut single from diamond-grilled rapper Paul Wall.

In today’s new edition of React Like You Know, our panel — consisting of millennial and Gen-Z artists like Almighty Jay, ASAP Tyy, Baby Tate, Lakeyah, OhGeesy, and Houston’s own KenTheMan — weighs in on the Houston musical movement, as well as other regional staples like slabs (big, candy-painted, classic cars with rims and hydraulics), OG Ron C, and grills. Baby Tate even admits to not knowing that Paul Wall is white when the song first came out, but Strick explains it perfectly: “You might see a white boy with a grill and wonder what’s going on, but sh*t — he with us!”

Watch the new episode of React Like You Know above.

Some artists covered here are Warner Music artists. .