OhGeesy Explains What ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Means For ‘Behind The Video’

Uproxx’s Behind The Video returns with LA underground bad boy OhGeesy, who breaks down his video for “Big Bad Wolf” featuring YG. The lead single from OhGeesy’s solo debut album Geezyworld Vol. 1, “Big Bad Wolf” found the former Shoreline Mafia member creating a cash storm alongside his West Coast compatriot while dancers twerked their way through the dollar bill debris.

Without going into too many details about the “secret location” of the video shoot, which was in Downtown Los Angeles, OhGeesy reveals how the video came together and takes in fan comments. The song took about 15 minutes to make after the two rappers, who share the same manager, were introduced in the studio. OhGeesy also notes how crazy the LA underground scene can get, but denies participating — with a wink and a smile, just as he does when explains the line “I like my Glock nine like my f*cking llama.” “I love my guns,” he grins. “If I had guns, I would love ’em.” He also insists the money used in the video was all real, “no prop money.”

Watch OhGeesy go Behind The Video for “Big Bad Wolf” above.

OhGeesy is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.