The Complete History Of The Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry Feud

07.13.15 4 years ago 28 Comments

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Everyone loves a feud, especially when no one will officially address it except, possibly, through their art.

The rumors of a Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud have existed for a while, but bubbled to the surface when Taylor Swift released the “Bad Blood” video, causing a lot of speculation that the track was a revenge song about rival Katy Perry. The suspicions grew even more when it appeared that Perry registered a song entitled “1984,” perhaps a dig at Swift’s album 1989. (That was later debunked.) But what started this feud in the first place? Wouldn’t we rather believe Perry and Swift are allies instead of enemies?

Of course not. We want a blood bath! So, let’s go back to see exactly how this feud began.

It all started with dancers…

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