Peso Pluma And Cardi B Are On Their Mob Boss Sh*t With Their New Collab, ‘Put Em In The Fridge’

Peso Pluma just dropped his new double album, Éxodo. The past couple of years have cemented the Mexican rapper and singer as a global superstar, and with 24 fire new tracks, Pluma isn’t slowing down soon. Éxodo features a coveted set of collaborations, including the track “Put Em In The Fridge” with Cardi B.

Both Pluma and Cardi have reached prolific, household name status, but make no mistake, they’re not the ones to play with.

“Forty shooters, if I send them in, they comin’ in / Fifty kilos, if you need them, then they comin’ in / Hundred thousand real close and they’re Mexicans / I said the word, and they’ll put you in the f*cking fridge,” raps Pluma on the song’s chorus.

Cardi, as she is known to soon, adds some glam power to the song, reminding everyone that she’s the boss.

“Encima de los beats los asesino / Tengo el presidente de vecino /El mundo es mío / Como Al Pacino,” she raps, which translates to “Over beats by a killer, I’ve got the president as my neighbor, the world is mine like Al Pacino.

Now this is some real mob boss sh*t.

You can listen to “Put Em In The Fridge” above.

Éxodo is out now via Double P Records. Find more information here.