In The Midst Of His Feud With Kanye West, Pete Davidson Is Going To Literally Leave The Earth

While Kanye West has been repeatedly throwing shade at Pete Davidson, the comedian has decided to literally leave the Earth, which is honestly understandable. The Saturday Night Live comedian is joining the crew on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight to space, which is set to launch on March 23rd.

Rumors of the space flight began circling earlier this month when a source told Page Six that Davidson had met with Bezos and was “excited” about the idea. This will be Blue Origin’s 20th mission to space, and Davidson will be alongside five other humans who likely shelled out close to a million dollars. Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that SNL aired what was basically an Amazon Go commercial disguised as a sketch.

Davidson has been a very pubic target of Kanye West lately, after being seen out and about with West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Davidson has been referring to Kardashian as his girlfriend as of late, which makes West, uh, not happy and very violent. Kardashian was officially granted a divorce earlier this month, and she has dropped the “West” from her social media pages. Obviously, Kanye isn’t happy.

Most recently, screenshots of Davidson’s texts with West were released, which showed the comedian trying to reason with the rapper and meet in person to talk. It doesn’t seem to have worked. Anyway, have fun in space, Pete!