Post Malone And Jimmy Fallon Are Historically Delightful During Their Visit To Medieval Times

Historically, Jimmy Fallon’s on-screen best friend has been Justin Timberlake, but recently, it looks like Post Malone might be gunning for that crown. About a year ago now, Malone took Fallon to Olive Garden to teach him the ins and outs of his favorite restaurant. Last month on The Tonight Show, the pair played beer pong and sang an Irish drinking song. Now the two have linked up once again, and this time, things got medieval.

In a segment for last night’s special Sunday edition of The Tonight Show, Malone and Fallon donned era-appropriate garb and headed to Medieval Times. During this era in history, Fallon notes that Malone was Pre Malone, while Malone adds that he was Yet To Be Malone. From there, they enjoyed a feast of chicken and potatoes, with Fallon being kind enough to “mash” Malone’s non-mashed potato.

They also watch the Yellow Knight square off against the Red Knight in a sword-fighting bout, which they enjoyed so much that they decided to step out there themselves and get in on the action. After a not-exactly-knight-like showing with sword-fighting, they took to their steeds and jousted, the results of which will not be spoiled here.

Watch Malone and Fallon’s visit to Medieval Times above.