Post Malone Didn’t Know What To Say When He Met Ozzy Osbourne For The First Time

With Post Malone’s Runaway Tour documentary, Runaway, set to premiere on Friday on Freevee, an exclusive clip of the film has dropped on YouTube to promote its release. In the clip, Post meets rock idol Ozzy Osbourne for the first time after securing a feature from Ozzy on his third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. Although Osbourne appeared on the single “Take What You Want,” the two didn’t actually meet until Post’s Los Angeles tour stop at The Forum, where Ozzy made a surprise appearance, delighting fans as he emerged sitting on a throne to sing the song’s intro.

In the Runaway clip above, it is a few hours before that moment, when the two performers are introduced for the first time. “Good to see you,” Post says. “How are you? You look great. You excited? You ready to party?” Ozzy cackles a bit in return, obviously amused at the thought of the standout performance to come. The clip picks up after the performance with Post admitting, “I was nervous meeting him. Not as much performing, but meeting him is terrifying because what the f*ck do you say to Ozzy Osbourne, ‘I like your pants?’ I don’t know. You have no idea what the fuck to say to him.”

You can check out the clip above and catch Runaway in full on Freevee on 8/12.