Pusha T Shares A Preview Of His Upcoming Film ‘Respect The Jux’

Pusha T is still fresh off the release of his fourth studio album, It’s Almost Dry, but he’s already on to the next project. Already a well-respected icon in the music world and a growing force in businesses like restaurants and tech, the burgeoning Virginia mogul is making moves on the film industry next, executive producing the crime thriller Respect The Jux. Dropping via VOD on May 6, the film tells the story of a young Jamaican immigrant who gets caught up in gang life and a scheme to get rich.

According to the film’s synopsis:

Cat was left in Jamaica by his mother at the tender age of eleven in pursuit of a better life. It would be six years later she was able to send for him and his sister. Within those six years of her absence, Cat becomes a member of “The Order,” a local gang. Living with his mother in a small apartment in the ghettos of Brooklyn, NY, he would become obsessed with obtaining his vision of the American dream.

In addition to being a fast-food spokesperson, Pusha has expressed interest in writing a children’s book but lamented that no one wants to publish it last year. Perhaps his next foray will be into publishing so he can put it out himself.

Check out the clip from Respect The Jux, out 5/6 on VOD, above.