PWR BTTM Share New Statements After The Fallout From Sexual Assault Allegations

Managing Editor, Music
05.18.17 7 Comments

Ebru Yildiz

In the wake of assault allegations first shared secondhand via social media, and then reported on in an anonymous interview with Jezebel, queer punk duo PWR BTTM have been dropped by their management and label, all but put their tour on hold with touring bands and their own touring members dropping out, and had their old album, Ugly Cherries pulled from streaming services.

In an initial response to the allegations, they set up an email account where a third party mediator could work to set up dialogure between Ben Hopkins, who the allegations were made against, and victims. Since then, the band have not spoke publicly on the matter, until today when they shared lengthy statements from Ben and Liv individually, along with a joint PWR BTTM statement via their PR. Read all three below.

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