PWR BTTM’s New Album Is Disappearing From Streaming Services

Contributing Writer
05.16.17 10 Comments

Ebru Yildiz

The move to bury PWR BTTM in the wake of several accusations of sexual assault by band member Ben Hopkins has been swift and nearly total. First, acts touring with the group pulled out of their arrangements. Members of the group’s own touring band and the band’s management soon followed suit. It wasn’t long before venues were refusing to host them, putting the entire idea of touring behind their latest album Pageant on hold. Now, it looks like you won’t even be able to hear the album. In addition to dropping the act from their roster, Polyvinyl has gone about pulling the new record from all streaming services.

Pageant has already been pulled from iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal and other services. It’s still available on Spotify, though that’s likely to change. In addition to the erasing of their new album, PWR BTTM’s former label Father/Daughter Records have ceased to sell their release Ugly Cherries.

“In lieu of the allegations we are no longer selling PWR BTTM music and merchandise and we will be making donations to RAINN and the NCAVP in solidarity of all survivors,” the label said in a press statement.

The band created an email to be handled by a mediator for people to express their concerns. However, they have remained silent since then.

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