Guapdad 4000, Blac Chyna, And Almighty Suspect React To Snow’s ‘Informer’ Video

Way back in 1992, music fans had their minds blown by the video for a Canadian dancehall artist’s No. 1 hit single. That’s right, “Informer” by Snow was a certified chart-topper, but the song’s video revealed an artist whose features appeared to be at odds with the way he sounded on the record. So, for this week’s episode of React Like You Know, we’re putting our panel of younger artists through the same mind-blowing experience of watching the “Informer” video for the first time.

Almighty Suspect probably sums it up best; “I didn’t expect a white boy to come with the reggae flow,” he admits. Guapdad 4000 agrees, “I didn’t know he was white!” Meanwhile, Blac Chyna takes a stab at guessing the meaning behind the lyrics. “He said he gon’ lick somebody’s pum-pum now?” she asks. Not quite, Chyna, but points for giving a little West Indies slang lesson (the song is actually about hunting down and shooting a supposed snitch — which, in a bizarre case of art imitating life, Snow actually served time for doing at the beginning of the song’s run).

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